Code of Conduct

Retained Assignments

Charterhouse will comply with the following requirements:

  1. Charterhouse will conduct its business in a proper and professional manner and in accordance with all applicable laws.
  2. Charterhouse consultants will accept retained assignments only if, in their professional judgement, a successful solution can be achieved within the confirmed parameters of the project.
  3. Before accepting a retained assignment, Charterhouse will advise its client of any potential conflicts of interest and any material restriction to which it is subject by reason of undertakings given to other clients.
  4. Before accepting an assignment, Charterhouse will agree any "off-limits" rules which will include undertakings by Charterhouse that it will not, without the client's prior permission, make any first approach:
    a) To any candidates placed by it with that client while those candidates remain employed by that client;

    b) To any employee of a client with whom Charterhouse has a written off limits agreement already in place.

    Please note any candidates currently in dialogue with Charterhouse that work for a "new" client are not deemed "off-limits".

    Where the client is part of a group of companies Charterhouse and the client will also agree the confines of the term "client" and the "off-limits" rules.
  5. After briefing, Charterhouse consultants will provide the client with:

    a) A formal written statement detailing the position to be filled, the methods to be used and the name of the individual consultant responsible for the assignment; and

    b) Written confirmation of the assignment including a full explanation of Charterhouse costs (including expenses), its terms of business and its anticipated time frame for completion of the assignment.
  6. In performing an assignment the following standards must be observed:

    a) The client will not be given details of any candidate without that candidate's prior permission;

    b) Charterhouse must abide by the client's instructions regarding the confidentiality of the assignment and the limits of information, which can be provided. Within these limitations candidates will be provided with full and relevant information about the vacant position;

    c) In carrying out any research, Charterhouse will ensure that its consultants and researchers do not deliberately misrepresent Charterhouse or their own identity for the purpose of the research;

    d) Unless otherwise agreed with the client, no candidate will be submitted until his or her suitability for the vacant position has been assessed by interview;

    e) Throughout the assignment, Charterhouse will maintain regular communication with the client and candidates, appraising the latter of their current situation;

    f) No information about the client or a candidate will knowingly be withheld if it might influence the other's decision regarding the appointment;

    g) If it becomes apparent that no candidates can be presented that meet the specifications or if the length of the search will differ considerably from that originally anticipated, Charterhouse will advise clients promptly and suggest alternative courses of action. If the client is unlikely to benefit from continuation of the assignment, cancellation should be recommended.
  7. Charterhouse will be prepared to demonstrate to the client the extent of any research (whilst maintaining confidentiality) at any time during the assignment.
  8. Any advertisement should abide by the code of Advertising Practice.
  9. Charterhouse should agree with the client the responsibility of taking references and validating professional and educational qualifications. Permission will be obtained from the candidate before taking references.
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