Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are an excellent way of defining consultant and client responsibilities throughout the recruitment process and ensure the effective measurement of the success of a project/s.

Most SLA’s will be specific to the individual client and encompass:

  • KPI’s

    Key measurements based on CV’s to 1st interviews, 1st to 2nd interviews, and fill ratios.
  • Process bench-marking

    Our priority is to reduce the time and cost involved in the recruitment process. We will therefore benchmark all aspects of the process from job briefing, candidate screening, handling interviews through to the offer process.
  • Performance Reviews

    We will provide our clients with regular reports to enable our progress to be benchmarked. Our consultants will maintain regular contact with line managers and HR and also provide:
    • Monthly activity reports – together with recommendations based on findings for improvement of recruitment processes.
    • Post Placement Reviews
    • Ensuring that the service to both candidates and clients is reviewed and areas of improvement are identified.
    • Quarterly Reviews
    • Your Account Manager will ensure that Charterhouse are performing against your agreed service levels ensuring on-going satisfaction.
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