Charterhouse is 15 years old this year, and over that time-frame the recruitment landscape has changed significantly.  In June last year we took a decision to pause and reflect on where our business stood in the market and to reflect on how best we were going to operate successfully for the next 15 years, in an industry that continues to evolve and change quickly.  As part of this reflection Charterhouse undertook the largest change management program in its history.  A key project was a complete overhaul of our Branding Strategy, globally.  Charterhouse undertook a full review of its purpose, its mission statement and its values, that it wishes to define itself by.

One of the biggest take-outs from this particular project was that within Charterhouse there were many opportunities for us to build on an exceptional culture, a strong management team, great employees and a very strong reputation that we have with our customers.

The rebranding exercise first required us to re-evaluate who we were and what values best exemplified how we operate currently and how we want to operate moving forward.  We commissioned an external Consultancy to help us navigate this project and to aid us to highlight what our “true” values were.  They took these values and developed 4 strategic pillars, that when combined, formed the underpinnings of a brand identity that was authentically Charterhouse.

Our focus over the past 11 months has been to develop actionable projects that take each of these values and pillars from being words on a page; to a set of actions and behaviours that guide our everyday interactions with each other, and our customers.

Our new Corporate Logo represents the open door of opportunity; and our Tag Line of “Think Big, Achieve Bigger” Connects us with the concept of “people over placements”. This concept reflects our desire to make recruitment a skilled and respected profession that ensures remarkable candidate experiences every time.

It is an exciting time to be part of Charterhouse as we step forward with this renewed sense of purpose.  In the 20 years I have been in the industry there have been many changes; but there is one constant over all that time; people.  This is at the centre of our industry.  The impact we can have on people, via our everyday interactions, can be profound and life changing if done well; that’s where the bar should be set.