People Over Placements. Always

At Charterhouse everything we do starts and ends with this concept of “People Over Placements, Always”.

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Outwardly this manifests itself in how we communicate, opting for transparency, detail, unbiased counsel; the over-arching objective being to help and add value to our customers processes.

Inwards this shows itself through how we engage our people; the emphasis strongly on authenticity, transparency, and communication with intent.In all of our dealings it’s about ensuring that we are questioning and listening with a goal to understand rather than simply to respond.

The “what” of what we do matters; the “how” of how we do it, matters more and for us this belief system of “People Over Placements, Always” is the starting point for all of our interactions.

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Of our customers are repeat business clients.
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Of candidates surveyed rated Charterhouse highly in understanding their next move.
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Of candidates surveyed would recommend Charterhouse to a friend or colleague.

Charterhouse’s primary focus is to help bring together amazing prospective employees with amazing employers and workplaces with the goal being to find them fulfilling employment that brings job satisfaction. Operating across 8 offices internationally our employees use the platforms and networks that Charterhouse has developed and augments this with their own relationships and networks to broker meetings and discussions.

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