As someone who is constantly looking for top talent, with experience recruiting in the technology space, I feel the pain of the majority of my clients. Sourcing and hiring the best is tough!

In 2018 sourcing, engaging and retaining talent continues to be the number one priority for both myself and my clients. Employees are our key differentiator and no matter what industry you are in, if you employ the best, keep them engaged, challenged and remunerate them fairly, they will be your biggest asset on your way to the top.

I feel there are many ways we can achieve the above but here are 2 ideas that are simple and easy to implement but can make all the difference.

Hiring process

Companies that want to attract the best talent need to realise that the foundation for finding the best people, is having the best hiring process. You reflect on, and improve, your candidate experience. Some things to consider:

Is the hiring process too long? In the current market, talent gets snapped up quickly. Don’t let your four-stage interview process mean you miss out on that ideal candidate, because another company is more agile and moves quickly.

Have the interviewers discussed their thoughts and discussion points with subsequent interviewers? There is nothing more frustrating for a candidate, than answering the same ten questions over four different rounds of interviews.

I find communication is critical. Regular and ongoing communication throughout the process gives candidates a good sense of where they stand in the process, what the next steps are ensuing that if they are unsuccessful they know as soon as possible and in a professional and empathetic way.

When hiring, the unsuccessful candidates who go through your recruitment process are every bit as important to your brand as those you hire. If their experience is a negative one they will be  vocal and could influence a future star to reconsider joining your business.


Technology talent unemployment levels are at historic lows, which is why employee retention is a constant priority. A key factor in employee retention is onboarding. Recent studies show that onboarding programs are key to retaining employees. On average, companies lose 17% of their new hires in the first three months. Even if you haven’t identified an exact onboarding cost, the cost to hire (even without using recruiters) is in the thousands. So spending a few hundred dollars to save the company thousands of dollars, not to mention the impact on brand reputation, just makes good business sense.

6 To do items every company should look to include in their onboarding programmes

  1. Make contact with the future employee prior to their start date
  2. First day done right (Desk set up, Welcome pack, Lunch with colleagues, Introduction email)
  3. Schedule meetings with their internal stakeholders
  4. Set Expectations early and often. Communication is key
  5. Feedback loop. week one, month one and quarter one
  6. Give them time to succeed. Very few candidates are at their best in the first few months of a new role.

Hiring is tough; are you doing all you can to set your new employee up for success?