Charterhouse is honoured to be named as an Employer Of Choice Winner in the Australia Business Awards 2019 and it is a testament to those that work here that we’ve been able to secure this for a 2nd consecutive year. 

One year ago when Charterhouse secured its first Employer Of Choice Award it was in direct response to nearly two years of focused effort around how our business attracts, engages with and retains its people.  I mentioned then, that this was a journey, and that we were very much at the early stages of it, and the Award to me signified that we were moving in the right direction.  My belief today is as it was then; that this is still very much a journey we are on and it is a direct reflection of our continued efforts and it reaffirms that our thinking and strategy is sound.

When I reflect on the time period that has elapsed since last securing this Award, my first instinct is to see how far we’ve moved forward.  Our ideal state is one where we practice authenticity, genuine care, high discretionary effort, we go above and beyond, we embrace accountability and we take pride in our contributions.  For us, this ideal state will enable us to deliver on our commitment to put people over placements always.  It will allow us to deliver on one of our core goals around doing our part to make recruitment a respected profession, and it will most certainly impact on our focus of ensuring our candidates and our clients have the best interactions with us.

None of this can be achieved without good people who believe it, who are equipped with the competencies and skills to deliver it and who are motivated to act on it. 

We have been busy rolling out a number of projects and initiatives that enable this; but if I were to cite one example that I think best exemplifies where our efforts have been applied, I’d reference the fact that this past 12 months we have developed further a comprehensive L&D Strategy for our entire business; for every employee regardless of job title or tenure.

Each person has a comprehensive development pathway; this has been augmented by an external Training Commitment that we have invested heavily in that gives our people anywhere between 5 and 15 external training days a year over and above the coaching and training they receive internally.  This development is purposefully broader in context, designed to develop our employees beyond the scope of their role today.  This commitment to training sits as one of four pillars of support that we offer to our employees; and when combined together and delivered well, we believe it makes a compelling difference in our ability to engage and retain with authenticity.

I’m very proud of the headway we are making and my open commitment to employees at Charterhouse is that this focus is permanent and that it will firmly remain at the centre of our plans as we continue to operate within our industry.