As I continue to speak weekly with a lot of Software Development professionals, many are providing guidance and support to their teams through these uncertain times. However, remote working is not a new way of working for the majority of developers and they have been fortunate the demand for their skills is high. 

These teams, like many in the technology industry have a previous insight into working from home. The leaders are run off their feet keeping engagement, communication and moral up.

I wanted to take this time to share the insights I have gained from this epidemic journey we are all travelling on.

What effects has the current market provided?

Several projects have been placed on hold...but will pick up in the foreseeable. This is a time for the software development market to be proactive and work on new skills to develop their attributes while finishing off previous projects that have not been as crucial. Being one of the key markets in COVID-19 these teams are still worried, like most of job uncertainty.

This leads on to my next point....

How is your team keeping positive and motivated during time?

Family & Friends

One of the huge outcomes has been the ability to spend some much-needed quality time with family and friends (via virtual calls in most cases).

Keeping a positive mindset / Health & wellness

Daily routines are important with the pandemic that is happening. Most people have been staying positive through exercise, whether it be a walk, run or workout. It is a fact that exercise releases stress from the body and keeps you motivated.

Learning / Improving skills

Several team members have managed to improve on their already extensive skillsets through home learning such as expanding on different technology stacks, keeping up to date on the latest technology, and being able to code clean.

Away from personal development many found they are far more productive, efficient and have no distractions. Meaning projects that may have been taking a back seat are now being completed to a high standard.

How is your work life balance?

We all know it can be difficult to switch off when you are sitting next to your PC day in day out;

So how are these professionals managing to take some well-deserved me time?

  • Many have found that strong time management skills have been key
  • Staying ahead of their deadlines
  • Ensure critical projects are managed early on
  • Keep your office away from where you spend your down time
  •  Have a cut off time on your day and reward yourself at times with a cold beer or a glass of wine

What are some learnings we can take away from COVID-19?

Trust – Continue to work from home more regularly

Several companies will have the option for employees to work from home on a more regular basis. The trust has been built in their teams to be proactive and maintain their workload.

Healthy Work life balance

Several industries have been focusing on a healthier work life balance for several years now, however it seems more than ever we will be focusing on spending time on ourselves, our families and our friends. Wellbeing for the teams will be of high importance.


Continued growth in demand for cloud infrastructure services and potential increases in spending on specialized software, communications equipment as organisations encourage workers to work from home.

The technology sector does expect to see change as a result of COVID-19 around security, digital transformation, data centres, innovation and storage.

Working at a huge speed and tenacity, the COVID-19 is fast tracking and shifting behaviours, particularly when it comes to the way we define and implement Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is not solely about technology. Now more than ever, the actions organisations take to make their digital transformation strategies relevant to employees and clients will have a direct and permanent impact on their success as a business.

What is the first thing we are all itching to do when the isolation restrictions ease?

Whether it be carrying on with that powerful fitness regime you have now become accustomed to or continuing to spend time with your loved ones; what was clear is that we are all looking forward to catching up with work colleagues who we have all missed and getting back to a new normality and of course sharing a smile with colleagues, family and friends over some of Melbourne’s famous coffee.