In today's rapidly changing job market, it's more important than ever to ensure you're staying relevant and competitive in your field. One of the best ways to do this is by upskilling in your personal time or taking steps to improve your skills and knowledge outside of your regular work hours.

Upskilling has many benefits for your career, including:

  1. Increased job security: By staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, tools, and industry trends, you'll be more valuable to your employer and less likely to be replaced by someone with more current skills.

  2. Better job opportunities: As the job market evolves, new roles and opportunities will arise that require different skills. Spending time upskilling will mean you’ll be more likely to qualify for these roles and advance in your career.

  3. Higher earnings potential: Studies have shown that workers with higher levels of education and more diverse skill sets tend to earn more than those with less education and fewer skills. By upskilling, you'll be positioning yourself for higher pay and better benefits.

  4. Improved job satisfaction: When you're able to take on new challenges and responsibilities at work, you'll likely find your job more fulfilling and enjoyable.

  5. Better networking opportunities: Spend time participating in online courses, attending workshops, and engaging with other professionals in your field and you'll be able to expand your network and connect with potential mentors, collaborators, and employers.

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So, how can you upskill in your own time? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Online courses: There are countless free or low-cost online courses available on a wide range of subjects. Platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy offer courses on everything from coding and data analysis to marketing and project management. From an organisational level, we actively encourage our team to study with our partners at the Australian Institute of Management and you can find out more HERE.

  2. Professional development workshops: Many organisations and associations offer workshops and other training opportunities for professionals in various fields. These can be a great way to learn new skills and connect with other professionals.

  3. Reading and research: Keeping up with the latest research and news in your field is a great way to stay informed and learn new ideas.

  4. Volunteering or interning: Sometimes the best way to learn new skills is by doing. Seek out opportunities to volunteer or intern with an organisation.

  5. Networking: Networking with other professionals in your field can be a great way to learn about new opportunities and stay informed about the latest trends and technologies.

Remember that upskilling is an ongoing process and it's important to keep learning new things and staying current in your field. While it may take some extra effort and time, the benefits of upskilling in your own time for your career will reward you in the long term.

Upskilling in your own time is a powerful way to stay relevant and competitive in the Australian job market, open new opportunities and increase your earning potential. It can be done via various ways such as online courses, workshops, research, volunteering, and networking. It's an ongoing process that takes effort and time, but the benefits are well worth it. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make for your future.

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