Why Recruitment

Why Recruitment?

For most people the job they do and the career that they have are crucial components of their lives.  The right job in the right career can provide enjoyment, satisfaction, challenge and variety.  It can create opportunity and it can help create and sustain the lives people want to live.  How do people find these types of roles and careers?  Recruiters and the Recruitment Industry are key components of the employment ecosystem and one of a number of avenues by which people seek work. Recruitment as a career choice is often misunderstood; rarely thought about in terms of the impact it can have on people, companies, communities and society.  At Charterhouse we don’t make that mistake.  Here we think it is one of the most fulfilling careers a person can have.  Recruitment done well makes people’s lives better. Recruitment done well can make people happy.

For People New to Recruitment

The industry offers tangible benefits that put consultants in the driving seat for career development. Progression for you and also those you work with.
Here’s 5 reasons why Recruitment is a great career pathway.
  • ​Flexibility
    Whether you’re in the office or working from home, your workload isn’t anchored to your desk. Relocating overseas? With offices across the globe, we offer unique opportunities to continue your career at one of our international offices.
  • ​Control Your Income
    Success in the world of recruitment is a reflection of what you do and how well you do it. You get out what you put it.
  • ​Variety
    You won’t get stuck in reverse, that’s for sure. The product you're selling is people. Every interaction with your clients and candidates in recruitment is different.
  • ​Build Your Network
    Recruitment offers you the rare opportunity to build your network with quality connections. Connections that will last well beyond your career and the world of recruitment.
  • Empower Future Generations
    The recruitment industry fundamentally helps people find their dream jobs. It’s a meaningful career choice that creates a pathway to a safer and better future for Australians.
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For experienced recruiters

You’re an experienced professional; do it your way. A genuine work / life balance is a reality. True flexibility that is designed around the individual’s circumstances. Be around like-minded people who want to do a great job in an ethical manner. We offer tailored pathways and programs that compliment your experience and deliver a learning & development solution that makes an impact to you.
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Why Charterhouse is a Great Place to Work™️

You'll feel right at home from day 1 at Charterhouse. Our comprehensive onboarding and induction process that sets you up for success. We'll take you through detailed roadmap of training and development through on-site and off-site channels. Do it your way as we offer a combination of digital, classroom, theoretical and at-desk vocational training tools. Ultimately we aim for you to learn your profession, learn it thoroughly and learn it well. At Charterhouse, you'll be working with accomplished, seasoned, passionate leaders whose primary motivator is your success.You'll be working with an established brand that through its people has a deep and wide client and candidate network. You'll be rewarded for your good work. You'll be working for an organisation that places a premium on this concept of “people first” and all of the values that embody that philosophy.
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